Draft Wars


System requirements Draft Wars

OS: Windows 7 or later.
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.6GHz or similar.
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Video card: GeForce GTX 700 series or similar.
DirectX: Version 11.
Network: Broadband internet connection
Optional: 64-bit operating system is required.


Draft Wars

We present to you a project developed by a young studio. The setting is military, the name is appropriate – Draft Wars. Moreover, the creators preferred the theme of the classic wargame – the Second World War. Gamers are offered a choice of three armies: the USSR, the Allies and Germany. The project provides a single player campaign of 15 missions, but the game is mainly focused on multiplayer games.

More about the game

At first glance, the trailer, showing not quite serious graphics and even elements from comics, may seem that the game offers a kind of break-bomb style all around, shoot recklessly in all directions! However, in the list of genres of this project, in addition to action, there is a strategy. It turns out that after you can download the Draft Wars torrent, you will need not only to bomb, but also to think – where, how and for what purpose.

Features of the game

In general, gamers are required to make quick tactical decisions during battles. At the same time, the gameplay cannot be called serious in full, since the developers have spiced up the game with a solid portion of humor, made the graphics bright, and the controls are simple and intuitive. The creators promise incredibly addictive competitive modes!

On this page you can download the game via torrent Draft Wars free on a PC.



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