Door Kickers Action Squad

System requirements Door Kickers Action Squad

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10
CPU: 1 GHz
Video Card: 3D Accelerated 128MB Graphics Card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Disk space: 100 Mb



Door Kickers Action Squad

The game, unique in its design, at first glance, may not produce the proper emotional impulse. But after playing for just a minute, you will understand that you were dragged here for a long time. Door Kickers: Action Squad is a new project created in tandem by two well-known studios: PixelShard and KillHouse Games. The action is made in retro style, which gives it a special zest. You will become one of the members of the elite squad created to fight terrorism. The new version of Door Kickers: Action Squad, the torrent of which can be downloaded on our portal, will please with a lot of interesting innovations.

More about the game

The gameplay is designed in such a way that it creates the impression that you are watching everything that happens from the side. Your task is to destroy terrorist groups and rescue hostages. You have to go through several episodes, each of which consists of twelve important missions. The task is not as easy as it might seem. After all, you are responsible for every innocent victim. The slightest wrong movement – and innocent people will suffer. Be extremely careful and attentive, because the result of the entire operation depends on your actions.

Story line

According to the plot of Door Kickers Action Squad, you need to successfully complete the operation to destroy the terrorists. For this, of course, you will need assistants. Special Forces is an excellent solution in the fight against crime. It is necessary to prepare the fighters for the operation, choose a weapon for them. Each of the fighters has a number of unique characteristics. Someone knocks doors well, someone has a shield, someone is an excellent shooter, etc. Together with trained guys from the special forces, choose tactics for further successful actions.

As for the terrorists themselves, their skills in battle should not be underestimated. Each criminal also has certain strengths, knowing about which you can achieve good results in deadly battles. Some of them are armed with knives or machine guns, and someone has a bomb in their hands. Based on the individual characteristics of terrorists, it will be necessary to determine what method is best to exterminate them.

Game features

The developers of Door Kickers Action Squad created good sound and incredible graphics in the game. And, despite the retro style, all the objects in the game look quite modern and realistic. There is an excellent detailing of heroes, locations and various elements. It is worth noting that each subsequent level of the game will become more and more difficult, so for the further passage of the episodes you have the opportunity to invite a friend. You can find an accomplice both in local and online mode. After all, together it will be much easier to defeat the enemy army.

In the game Door Kickers: Action Squad, the torrent of which can be downloaded on this portal, it is possible to choose one of three characters. Each of them has more than twenty types of weapons and many types of military equipment. Be extremely careful, your enemies are aggressive, and it is very difficult to predict their behavior in advance. For a more interesting battle, play along with other users, using the multiplayer mode. And if you prefer single player, then enable the corresponding option. The choice is yours, because only you know how best to complete the anti-terrorist operation safely and without loss.

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