Don’t Knock Twice

System requirements Don’t Knock Twice:

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 – only for 64 bits!
Processor: Intel i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290
Disk space: 2 GB


Don’t Knock Twice

The game Don’t Knock Twice is based on an old legend that if you knock once, you can wake a terrible witch from sleep, and if you knock twice, she will rise from the dead and come to our world. The heroine of the game Don’t Knock Twice, download the torrent that we offer on our website, an ordinary woman. She had trouble – her daughter was gone and no one can return her. Then the heroine herself goes to search for her, not realizing that she will have to face the curse of the terrible witch guilty of the disappearance of her daughter. The game will be especially interesting to those who watched the film of the same name – it was made based on his motives, but it has a lot of interesting and unexpected moments that are not in the film.

More about the game

The developers of Don’t Knock Twice tried to demonstrate the game in as much detail as possible, which is why you immediately get used to the role of the main character, a single mother, who recently lost her only daughter. She understands what this may be connected with, but does not dare to tell the truth because of the local urban legend, which scares the appearance of a demon. In order to meet him in person, she needs to find one door and knock on it twice. Because, as rumors say, if you strike once, then this witch will only hear, but on the second one she will awaken from the dead. This leads to the fact that the developers really show you a terrible story, from which blood runs cold right in your veins. But you will once and for all remember this story and try to spend less time on the street at night, because as you can see – this is fraught.

Game features

Don’t Knock Twice is a horror style adventure game. The plot is based on a chilling urban legend, invented by the inhabitants of a provincial town in the United States of America. According to the story, a witch lives in one terrible place. She is in the house behind a locked door. And so, in order to wake her, it is necessary to knock once. The second knock makes the witch leave the world of the dead. It is worth mentioning separately that this game appeared thanks to a film called “Don’t Knock Twice” directed by James Karadog.


Events of the game Don’t Knock Twice unfold around the main character, tormented by guilt. Some time ago, something terrible happened to her and her daughter. Unfortunately, the last mother could not be saved. From that moment on, a woman gnawed at the thought that she was to blame for what had happened. There is evidence that the baby is imprisoned in a trap located in a grand manor house, where the crazy witch lives. As you already guessed, according to your idea, the presented game on the computer is a gloomy walker in which the essence of the game process is reduced to studying every corner of the estate. Each object in the house is an interactive element with which you can interact. Incidentally, local puzzles and secrets are based on this. Look for secret rooms, explore dark corridors, look through each book on the shelves, because you never know where the key is hidden.

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