Don’t Kill Her

System requirements Don’t Kill Her:

OS: Windows Vista
CPU: Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB
HDD: 500 MB


Don’t Kill Her

An exciting arcade platform meter with puzzle elements in which you will travel in a surreal world is brought to your attention. The game is called Don’t Kill Her, which you can download torrent on our Internet resource. Here you will need to apply the most soy deductive abilities and logic. This will be needed to assemble all the elements and restore a holistic picture.

More about the game

In the game Don’t Kill Her, a new mysterious world with a huge number of locations will open before you. And on each of them some secrets are hidden and your task will be to reveal them. Also during the game you will encounter very unusual characters who tell amazing stories. Try to avoid conflicts in order to assemble all parts of the puzzle into a single whole. You have to meet with many characters and try to establish relationships with them to get the necessary tips. Keep the sequence of solving puzzles, in this case you will get the opportunity to observe the correct development of the plot. The history of this world is so unique that it is simply impossible to understand from one episode, which means you have to unravel all the secrets lurking here.

Game features

A holistic picture of what will happen will be revealed only after the decisions you have made and the perfect actions. Also, the course of events can be affected by other characters in the game. But in order to unravel the main secret of this world, you have to thoroughly brainwash and be smart. The application of logic and excellent attention to detail will greatly simplify the process. Download this exciting game and enjoy the interesting gameplay. We wish you good luck in passing the game!

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