System requirements Dolmen

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5
Video Card: GTX 860
Disk Space: 15 GB
Gamepad Support: Full



Most horror takes place in the ordinary world. But the Dolmen game, which can be downloaded on our portal, offers you to travel to the distant future, when mankind has already gone into space. This is where the main action of this third-person action with RPG elements unfolds.

More about the game

On the planet Revion Prime there is a remote space base, which is an outpost of civilization. By the will of fate, you find yourself at this station and now you have to look for ways to survive in a completely hostile environment. Explore adjacent locations, collect resources, equipment and artifacts and, of course, fight with numerous opponents who want to destroy your station.

Create your own strategy

Despite the fact that the Dolmen game, which can be downloaded from our site, is not a strategy, but an action, without tactics and planning, nowhere. Carefully think through each of your actions, but the game still has a certain unpredictability.

New World Studies

You are on a distant planet inhabited by alien life forms. Therefore, in order to succeed, you will have to carefully examine all its nooks and crannies. Remember that you have a very limited amount of resources, so in order to survive, you will have to mine them yourself and use literally everything that you can find.

Thoughtful crafting

The collection of resources will allow you to organize the production of everything you need. Create weapons and equipment for your character, various upgrades and the like. If you like collecting, then you just need to download Dolmen torrent, because research will allow you to find everything you need.

Features of Dolmen

Join melee battles. Your character has numerous abilities and skills. You can attack enemies, use and use against the enemies a variety of techniques and weapons. Do not forget to use deceptive maneuvers and feints to succeed.
Attack from a distance. If the enemy outnumbers you, do not go to hand-to-hand combat when you can attack from a distance. Precise weapons allow you to kill enemies with just one shot. But do not get too carried away with such tactics, otherwise you will find yourself vulnerable.
Manage your energy. Another disadvantage of long-range attacks is that they require a large amount of energy, which cannot be restored by itself, given that it can also be used to restore your health.
Lots of opponents. You will be confronted by extremely dangerous and evil creatures who want to destroy you at all costs.
Aggressive bosses. In addition to ordinary opponents, in the game Dolmen, you can confront very dangerous bosses through a torrent that you can download on our portal, which will be very, very difficult to defeat.

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