Discovery Yard Investigation

System requirements Discovery Yard Investigation:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Quad-core, 2.5 GHz or faster
Video card: DirectX 11 / DirectX 12 Nvidia 9500gt
Disk space: 5 GB


Discovery Yard Investigation

Being a detective is not so easy, sometimes you have to put in a lot of different efforts and try to realize your potential using various tricks. If you want to show your best skills, we invite you not to waste time and go on a new journey of Discovery Yard Investigation, which will delight you with history and various mysteries. Surely you missed really dangerous killers and almost difficult tasks. Therefore, today you have to go to the huge mansion in which the crime took place. It seems to be nothing like that, it is enough to find traces. But when you start doing this, you will find that the mansion is not easy, and the people involved in this crime occupy important positions around the world.

More about the game

As you may have guessed, this investigation will be remembered for a long time. You have to conduct a large amount of analysis, try to collect the evidence base and not forget about safety. After all, the first steps will show that the criminals have not yet left the crime scene and are now ready to do everything to stop you. Therefore, you should be extremely careful and try not to make any mistakes. It is better to try to effectively apply all your skills and think logically all your actions. At first it will be difficult to deal with all these elements, but then you will already understand that such a game can really please, so do not hesitate and at the first convenient opportunity you should download Discovery Yard Investigation via torrent on PC for free.

Long investigation

We noted earlier that the mansion in which you have to investigate is far from simple. It looks like it has familiar rooms, beautiful surroundings and many other similar items. But as soon as you start to reveal personalities and find traces, you can discover the mysterious laboratory, which is located under the mansion. It will already be possible to find experiments, research results and even videos that immediately point to the culprit. True, they still need to be obtained, and while the identity of the killer is not revealed, it is unlikely that he will allow you to walk around the laboratory so calmly.

C Be extremely careful and avoid mistakes. And to start practicing, we suggest you download the Discovery Yard Investigation torrent on your PC.

Now you have to achieve a good result and do everything in the name of justice. Yes, the initiative will be punishable, but you simply will not have any other way out, so you just have to act and try to gradually move towards success, which will be unpredictable almost until the very end of the game.

Game features

Beautiful surroundings and a huge mansion for a twisted and useful investigation.
Useful equipment to unleash your detective potential.
Twisted plot with unexpected twists and turns.
Enjoyable playstyle and storytelling that will completely capture your attention.

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