Dino Crisis 2

System requirements Dino Crisis 2:

Windows OS: 7, XP
Processor: Pentium III 500 MHz
RAM: 128 Mb
Video card: 32 Mb
Hard disk space: 600 MB


Dino Crisis 2

2010, Edward City. Despite what happened a year ago, experiments in the city’s laboratories continue with the unique “third energy”. Scientists are trying to find out its nature and capabilities, but during one of the tests, a hardware failure occurs, which leads to a temporary cataclysm. As a result of this, the whole city is completely transferred millions of years ago to the Mesozoic period. In order to save people who are in a temporary loop, the TRAT special squad, which includes a hero of the previous part named Regina, is sent to the past. Her participation in the operation is invaluable, as she already has experience in battles with dinosaurs.
It soon turns out that it is this experience that saves her life. When the detachment only sets up a camp after landing, they are suddenly attacked by an aggressive flock of velociraptors. Predators simply tear into pieces the riot police who were not ready for such a turn of events, only Regina and two special forces: David Folk and Dylan Mortan, survive. Now the three of them will have to complete the task in the game Dino Crisis 2.

Game Features:

– A huge arsenal of various weapons, from a deadly machete to a rocket launcher, causing incredible destruction;
– Great dialogues and amazingly realistic videos;
– Several bonus mini-games;
– Combo attacks of several types;
– A huge amount of blood and a lot of action;

Despite the fact that the game was developed by Capcom in the mid-2000s, it embodied a lot of interesting ideas even at that time that were relevant even now. In addition, the game in its atmosphere can easily compete with such recognized hits in its genre as Resident Evil and Silent Hill

The main characters of the game Dino Crisis 2 are Dylan Mortan and Regina, which players could meet in the first part. But this time, even more serious trials are waiting for you, since if earlier you had to try to survive in a laboratory teeming with dinosaurs, now the action will unfold in a primitive world, which is the native world for these wild and bloodthirsty creatures. They will have to be convinced of their aggressiveness from the very first minutes when a flock of velociraptors, attracted by a divorced group by a fire, attacks the camp and in a few minutes kills almost all members of the TRAT team.

Now the main characters remaining three together in a hostile world will have to spend a lot of effort to complete the task and at the same time survive, which will be much more difficult, since there are far fewer of them than is required. But now in their location a huge amount of all kinds of weapons, as well as the ability to use hand-to-hand combat skills that are useful in close combat. Survivors on this island will be able to provide help to the team members, which will be useful in many situations, since they have extensive experience in surviving and fighting dinosaurs.

Your task is to find the central computer on which the process controlling the experiment is running and turn it off. But do not forget that you will constantly be in a hostile environment and for each type of dinosaur you will have to come up with your own tactics.

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