Diluvian Winds


System requirements Diluvian Winds:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i3
Memory: 2 GB
Video: DirectX 11 / OpenGL 3.3


Diluvian Winds

Diluvian Winds is a natural disaster-driven adventure simulation game. The world is threatened by an impending flood, which cannot be dealt with alone. People are fleeing, for them only their own life matters. You have to take on the role of the Guardian, who is on duty at the lighthouse.

More about the game

He refuses to leave the island, hoping to survive and rally people in the face of mortal danger. You will have to fight the rising water, fortifying the lighthouse and coming up with dozens of other ways to resist the immense force. Refugees will flock to your lighthouse in the hope of rescue.

Features of the game

Each person in your community has a specific task to do, depending on their own abilities. All changes made to the design of the lighthouse should help in the fight against the raging elements. For work, you may need materials and tools, which will have to be obtained in the surrounding space. Dive into the water, swim in a boat, fly high into the sky in an aircraft and collect the necessary resources. Despite all the efforts made, the water will continue to rise, and you will have to choose which of the inhabitants of the lighthouse will survive.

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