Detroit Become Human

System Requirements Detroit: Become Human

OS: Windows 7 and above only 64-bit Central
processor: Intel Core i5-2400 with a frequency of 3.4 GHz and higher
Video card: nVidia GTX 660 or higher with 2 GB of memory

Detroit Become Human

The Detroit Become Human pc version is an amazing adventure, the story of which will affect the soul of every person, make you empathize and simply oblige to look at yourself. The developers have put a lot of effort to the user imbued with this story and chose for themselves the most understandable and spiritual moments. And to become a part of this whole adventure, Detroit Become Human is enough to download a torrent to a computer. Yes, the opportunity is now available and PC owners will finally touch the perfection of interactive entertainment.

The reverse side of technology

The history of the game will tell about the world of people who decided to change completely. Science has enabled the creation of intelligent robots that have become involved in work, fulfilling the needs of residents and, at times, their wishes. This was the beginning of a universal apocalypse, as many people were left without work, others went to the dark side, and still others declared war on them. Now you have to go to all this environment and try to achieve a favorable result.

What exactly will you do?

It’s pretty simple, because you will play for three different robots, each of which will fall into a variety of situations. You will closely monitor developments, and at the climax you will have to take one of the decisions. At first they will be quite simple and understandable, but gradually the rates will start to increase and you will have to make difficult life decisions that will not always please with their consequences. What is most interesting, do not limit yourself, look through all the situations and choose the option that is closer to you. Just first you need to download Detroit Become Human via torrent.

Detroit: Become Human – an epic story with a multifaceted meaning. You will be able to penetrate and understand what is the feature of indifference, why sometimes you need to step over yourself and even risk your life. Act as your hearts have led, and you cannot be mistaken.



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