Destiny of the World

System requirements Destiny of the World

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
CPU: 2GHz +
Video Card: 512
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 5 GB



Destiny of the World

Destiny of the World is an economic strategy that unfolds in the midst of World War II. The whole game is presented in the form of a large map and an interface to it. Actions in the game are carried out step by step: there are move points, a mandatory time for reloading, waiting for other parties to move. Each move passes one week of playing time. The strategy is economic, so the war is in the background here. The primary task is to increase our reserves and improve our capabilities: production, trade, technology research.

More about the game

Destiny of the World has no plot as such. Real life events are presented here only in the form of the beginning of World War II. Then you are free to do whatever you please. You can play for any country that took an active part in the war: USA, Soviet Union, France, China, Japan, Germany, Italy. You can trade with other countries, capture them, improve relations with them and join alliances.

Do what you think is necessary, but remember that the enemy is not asleep. In response to the alliance, two enemy (conditionally) will appear, so be careful in your decisions. There are all countries of the world on the map, so the player will have a lot of opportunities. If you like to think ahead, solve complex problems and get out of complicated situations, you must download Destiny of the World on a PC via torrent for free.


When your country is fully provided with provisions, the soldiers will be dressed and armed, and the defense will be strengthened, you can think about an attack. You will have dozens of types of troops at your disposal: aviation, cavalry, infantry, snipers, armored vehicles, mechanized infantry, special forces and so on. The characteristics of all types of troops can be pumped and thereby improved, making them a powerful military unit capable of delivering a crushing blow to the enemy.

High tech

When your country becomes noticeably more powerful than other countries, you will have the opportunity to use high technology, including nuclear bombs. But be careful when starting a nuclear war, several missiles can fly into you too. Some countries may be completely erased from the map of the planet. If you want to take over the world, click on the Destiny of the World torrent download on PC, the planet will be at your feet!

Game Features:

The ability to play for the most powerful countries;
On the world map there are all states, as in real life;
Many ways to gain world domination;
The ability to enter into alliances, declare war, seize countries;
Many combat units;
Control not only land but also the oceans.

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