Desert Child

System requirements Desert Child

OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2.2 GHz
Video Card: GeForce 700 Series
Disk space: 120 MB
Gamepad Support: Partial



Desert Child

In Desert Child, events unfold in a post-apocalyptic world of the distant future, literally littered with garbage piles that have nowhere to go. Big cities are turned into huge garbage dumps and many people, including the main character, are looking for any ways to try to get out of here. One of the options to get away from such a “garbage” metropolis is a victory in a popular racing competition.

More about the game

The main character of Desert Child, the torrent of which can be downloaded on our portal, is a young guy who is penniless but full of ambition. During his short life, he only learned how to cook a simple breakfast from semi-finished products, survive on the streets of the city and drive his own hoverbike, which he himself collected.

Game features

When he finds out that a championship will be taking place in the city and what award awaits the winner, he decides to take part in this tournament without fail to get the long-awaited ticket and finally get out of this garbage to hell. Unlike traditional racing competitions, in Desert Child everything is implemented in a slightly different way. You will have to compete with other racers, but not just ahead of each other on the tracks, but performing various tasks. For example, you need to deliver pizza faster than all your competitors, collect parts of weapons scattered around the location, and so on.

In addition to other participants in the race, there will also be policemen, representatives of various gangs, bounty hunters and so on. Earn money, improve your hoverbike and win the main prize in this championship – the opportunity to start a whole new, better life away from this garbage.

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