Derelict Void


System requirements Derelict Void:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Disk space: 500 MB


Derelict Void

Space adventures have a kind of romance and excitement. Surely each of you would not mind going on an exciting journey to visit distant planets, star systems and even to look from afar at the huge Black Hole. True, no one ever guessed how dangerous a space adventure can be. Therefore, we offer you such an opportunity so that you personally assess all your capabilities and try to draw appropriate conclusions. Now, in Derelict Void, you can take on the role of the captain of a spaceship to take control and control of the journey.

Survival in the void

Your main task is to make the journey as simple and straightforward as possible. At first, you have to control a small spaceship that is on the verge of extinction. But it has one important advantage – the crafting system and the ability to collect resources from space asteroids, as well as pick up garbage. All this will be useful in order to use the opportunity to develop the spacecraft, expand and improve it. If you do everything right, you will not face problems of survival. And for this you just have to download Derelict Void via torrent on your PC for free.

Controlling a spaceship is not easy, especially when resources are limited. Try to analyze all your possibilities in advance and try to achieve a favorable result. Manage your staff, improve the space of your spaceship and make it more versatile. Everything is in your hands!

Features of the game

A spacious and versatile spaceship that will become the core of your survival.
Collect resources, create versatile technologies, and succeed.
Fight space pirates and survive incredible disasters.

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