System requirements Depraved:

Operating System: Windows 7 or later
Processor: X64 Dual Core CPU, 3+ GHz
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 or AMD Radeon R9380
DirectX: Version 11
Free hard drive space: 3 GB



We present to your attention the cool Depraved project, in which you will need to transform into the image of the head of the first settlers of the Wild West. The game begins in a procedurally generated world, and at your disposal there is only a cart with food and necessary resources. Carefully approach the choice of the place where the settlement will be, and only after that proceed with the search for resources from which dwellings will be built in the future. Keep in mind that the pace of development of the town directly depends on the level of happiness of your settlement. Always ensure that supplies are in sufficient quantity and never run out. Be sure to provide clothes and firewood in order to protect people from severe frosts and terrible diseases.

More about the game

Get ready for the fact that on your way in the game Depraved there will be obstacles that must be overcome. For example, severe storms, terrible illnesses, merciless spiteful critics, and moreover, a settlement may take up arms against you (in case something is badly missed). Do you think you can do such a task?


Every inhabitant of this world has its own needs. The most basic thing everyone needs is food and water. It is worth noting that different types of citizens have certain desires for food. And if you fail to give them what they want, then this will negatively affect the general mood of the settlement. If this situation is not corrected, this will lead to an increase in crime, or, in extreme cases, to the fact that all settlers leave the town. Remember that the higher the level of happiness among locals, the more new residents will be attracted to this place. Therefore, it is not difficult to conclude that in the event of constant hunger, infection with terrible diseases or the flourishing of crime, nothing will remain of this glorious town.

The dangers

Everyone knows that the Wild West is a place that is filled with danger and surprise. You decide where to build the city, but keep in mind that any place has its own difficulties in development. For example, in a hot desert you can’t do without a lack of water and food, and in snowy places you cannot survive without firewood and fire. The next potential hazard is animals. The latter try not to catch the eye of people, but be that as it may, avoid meeting with bears or wolves. After all, they can seriously injure or even kill your inhabitants.

Also, criminals who settle close to towns are a big threat. Do not forget about them, because they will periodically attack your residents. Naturally, such attacks will certainly affect the general mood of the settlers, because the necessary resources will be lost. Interesting? Then right now download the game Depraved from our website torrent, quickly and for free.

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