DENIAL Survival

System requirements DENIAL Survival:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q8400 or better
Video Card: GeForce GT 730 1GB or better
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 3 GB



DENIAL Survival

Technologies can be extremely dangerous and unpredictable, especially if people begin to actively use all these developments in order to achieve complete control of consciousness. Today we want to talk with you about an unusual story that touched the main character of DENIAL Survival, who became a victim of these technologies. Now his consciousness is constantly pulsating and forcing a person to fall into unpleasant situations. The main problem is clouded mind, hallucinations and other unpleasant consequences. Now the main character will have to make a lot of efforts to regain control of his mind and try to get rid of external control.

More about the game

Despite the fact that the events in the game develop in the form of a normal adventure, you still have to deal with various situations and try to avoid trouble. Hallucinations will be so strong that you will have a feeling of constant harassment, shadows, etc. This will greatly excite the consciousness of the protagonist, who will try to avoid problems and free himself from control. It will be difficult to do this, so do not waste time and at the first opportunity it will be enough to download DENIAL Survival via torrent to PC for free.

Last chance for salvation

The situation is such that the main character will try to perform a large number of actions and move in the prescribed direction. Do not waste time and try to achieve a good result. You have to control a large number of various actions and gradually achieve a good result. But remember that games with reason will have consequences and the worst thing is that you did not start this game and are just a victim of circumstances. Therefore, you just have to download the DENIAL Survival torrent on your PC and start actively supporting the main character.

Now the fate of the protagonist will depend solely on your actions and decisions. You just have to start to act actively and monitor the environment, so as not to fall into the trap.

Game features

Psychological horror will make you much more cautious and attentive to your surroundings.
Be attentive to the environment where pieces of history are scattered that will achieve a favorable result.
For a change, the developers have added some interesting endings.

On this page you can download the game DENIAL Survival torrent free on PC.



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