System requirements DemonsTier:

Windows OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core PENTIUM 4
Video Card: Intel HD 4000



The game DemonsTier, which can be downloaded from the torrent on our website, tells that King Tosgar became interested in otherworldly magic and entered into an agreement with the forces of Evil. Unaware of what he was doing, he let evil spirits into his world. Not everyone believes in it, modern residents since a lot of time has passed, but when the gates open and from which monsters are pouring in, it becomes very scary. This RPG RPG with adventure and arcade action elements with incredible 16-bit graphics and a modern approach to the combat system and mechanics. All this went on for a sound and visual series. The protagonist will have to fight the demons, while simultaneously pumping his skills.

More about the game

The gameplay consists of exploring the game world, cities and underground caves in which the forces of Evil are located. Levels are formed randomly, and each subsequent one will not repeat the previous session. The composition of eight characters contributes to the passage of the storyline by various classes, which allows you to have even more further action.

Passion for occult rituals does not lead to anything good. But King Tosgar, apparently, did not know this: after making a deal with the demons, he let Evil into the world. Centuries have passed since then, and this is treated like a legend. But when a mysterious portal opens, from which hundreds of undead sprinkle in hundreds, the locals realize that this is not a joke. In DemonsTier, the player will repel horrific creatures, while pumping their skills. This is an action / RPG with bagel elements, made in the style of 16-bit games of the past, but flavored with modern approaches to mechanics and the combat system. Such a decision benefited the visual and sonic series, evoking memories of retro masterpieces.

The gameplay consists of exploring the game universe, cities and dungeons where enemies await. Locations are generated randomly, and each session will be different from the previous one. A roster of 8 heroes allows you to go through the plot in different classes, which further enhances the variability.

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