Deathmatch Soccer


System requirements Deathmatch Soccer

OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
Video Card: DirectX 11 Compatible
Disk space: 100 MB


Deathmatch Soccer

Deathmatch Soccer will take users to the football field, where they will not only have to score the ball into the enemy’s goal, but also kill opponents with pistols, machine guns or engaging with them in close combat. Such brutality is found on a planet where the crowd of people is tired of standard football. The fans wanted violence, entertainment and new emotions.

More about the game

There are new rules. Participants should not touch the ball with their feet, they carry it with their hands. Passes are made when an ally is close. Characters die if they receive multiple bullet wounds. At the gate of each team there is a big guy fighting opponents with his fists.


Deathmatch Soccer athletes use pistols, shotguns, machine guns or melee weapons to fight opponents. There are no rules and judges, gamers do whatever they want, even fight with partners. By killing opponents, they lose the weapon and the ball, if it was in their hands. To pick up the ball, you need to step on it, then it will automatically appear at the controlled character.

Features of the game

Heroes can run with the ball in their hands directly into the goal, or reach as close as possible and try to throw from their hands to score. The big guy at the goal has many chances to defend the territory and not earn a goal, since his size is several times larger than ordinary players. After a few minutes, the whole field will be filled with blood and corpses of athletes, this is exactly what most of the spectators wanted.

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