Death Stranding

General information about the game Death Stranding:

Genre – action / stealth
Setting – horror with elements of science fiction Developer – Kojima Productions
Publisher / Localizer – Sony Interactive Entertainment



Death Stranding

Death Stranding is a new project from the famous game developer and game designer named Hideo Kojima. As you know, he is committed to creating real masterpieces of the gaming industry. Of particular note is his personal series of games called Metal Gear Solid. But if you follow the news, you probably know that he had an incredibly large conflict with representatives of Konami, which was engaged in the publishing of his works. In the end, this led to the fact that the creator of the franchise forever left this company and founded his own. True, he lost forever the rights to release new parts of Metal Gear Solid. But for a long time, the glorious Japanese man did not get upset, because he had the idea to create a game that, by its scope, could surpass all the previously released works.

Thus, he decided to create this game, which at first will be exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation 4, and then it will be available to players on personal computers. Not the case left only owners of Xbox One. Thus, the developer tried to reach the audience of the most active players.

At the same time, together with the famous game designer for a couple will work the least well-known actor of the TV series “Walking Dead”, Norman Reedus. He became interested in the project since its inception and thus acquired a major role in it, because it was his face and voice that were taken to model the protagonist. But the first trailer of the game clearly made it clear that we are awaiting a project that does not look like other games. At the same time, the developer chose an unusual genre for himself – a horror with elements of survival, and judging by the video, the story also promises to be quite interesting and addictive in its atmosphere.


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