Death Skid Marks

System requirements Death Skid Marks:

OS: Windows XP and later
Processor: DualCore 1.2 GHZ
Video Card: Graphics Card with Pixel Shader / Vertex Shader 2.0
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Disk space: 256 MB


Death Skid Marks

And again we plunge into the pixel world of entertainment. Here is an amazing game in which you become the leader of a criminal group. So, if you are ready for the next batch of adrenaline, then we recommend downloading the Death Skid Marks torrent on our website for free. The storyline tells about the times when only with the help of a car people could move. Therefore, you must very carefully select those whom you are going to make part of your team. Match their abilities and gradually build a winning strategy. Of course, no one promises you an easy life, but you will get real pleasure, a real drive. It is worth the time spent playing the game.

More about the game

Everything will be presented to itself quite standardly. At the beginning of the game Death Skid Marks you will have to use a huge number of menus, and then you can use all acquired skills and weapons. This is needed to stay alive after the battle with other rivals. You must be on the alert, because not only well-aimed arrows will shoot at you, but also real pros. They have unique cars and even tanks. Regarding you, you are only at the stage. Don’t worry, you can spend time between battles on improving your own abilities, the skills of your team and the capabilities of the car.

Game features

It is time to show everyone that you are a real racer. You just need to ride on the track once to feel the atmosphere and the chargedness of the game. During the gameplay Death Skid Marks, you can figure out all the details, but now you only need to adapt to the current situation and try to win. Racing with gunfights and car accidents will definitely tickle your nerves, but you will like it. We wish you a good time!

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