Deadliest Catch The Game

System requirements Deadliest Catch The Game

OS: Windows 7/8 or 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3 3.20GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2 GHz
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 4GB
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 4 GB


Deadliest Catch The Game

Tired of standard shooting games or racing? Want something new and original? Then we recommend that you pay attention to the presented game project. Here you will have to engage in fishing for crabs and not just anywhere, but in the Bering Sea. Which is considered a very dangerous place for sailors. You will have your own fleet under the leadership, so show your leadership qualities in the battle with the elements and get the title of the best crab fisher. In addition, this lesson will bring you considerable profit, as well as new emotions and feelings. Aren’t you afraid of the storm and the sea wind? Aren’t you afraid to embark on such a dangerous adventure? If not, then rather you need to download the Deadliest Catch The Game torrent from our website for free and start the hunt.

More about the game

The team of crab and shrimp hunters for quite a long period of time to be at sea and fighting with the elements. Their life is constantly at risk, and they do not know whether they can return home after the next swim. Now you are part of the team. Your goal will be to become the best of them, to gain popularity and good profit. In the presented Deadliest Catch The Game game project, you have to take risks and put your life in danger in order to get the maximum catch. This task is not the easiest, especially since you will have to hunt for these arthropods in the waters of Alaska. Your ship is no different from others who often drop by this port city. You will also have to be prepared for any weather conditions. The sea is an unpredictable element, and you, as a sailor, must be brave, courageous and always ready. Only in this way can you win.

Game features

Your ship in Deadliest Catch The Game will be specially equipped for catching crabs, all the necessary equipment is already on board. This is a winch, and a winding system, and a crane, and an arm, and much more that is needed. Gradually, you will be able to masterfully master all of this. Experience always comes with time, but only a leader can be such by nature. You will have special boxes in order to put your catch there. But you must remember in whose territory you are engaged in fishing and comply with the laws established here. Otherwise, you can get a punishment. The graphic design of the game is simply incredibly realistic, which allows you to fully enjoy the process. You can also do some water tests to predict how crabs will behave and where they will be the most. And not only nature will confront you, but also other players. The game has a built-in cooperative mode, so you and your friends can compete for the title of best crab fisher.

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