System requirements Deadlane

OS: Windows 10 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 4100 or higher, AMD Ryzen 3100 or higher
Graphics: DirectX 11 or higher graphics card: Nvidia GeForce 660 or higher, AMD Radeon 78XX series or higher


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Deadlane is a survival horror game in which you four players play as racers forced to hunt each other to avoid sudden death. As soon as the rider takes the last place at the beginning of each lap, he turns into a ghost named “Gloomy Prize”. The advantage of chasing is that the player becomes faster than his peers and does not perceive road obstacles anymore.

More about the game

The curse of the Grim Prix increases the speed of the gamer. But the disadvantage is that if you are the owner of this curse, you will end up being removed at the end of the circle, no matter what place you took in the race. To avoid being destroyed, you must aim the projectile at the other player in order to transfer the form to the Grim Prix. Further, the new owner begins the chase again after teleportation. After each round, the participant is eliminated, and so on until there are only four left. At the end, four positions are given: gold, silver, bronze and the last one to be thrown away.

Game personality

If you wish, you can even play as a hunter for an early achievement. Deadlane, The Chaser, has great speed, better handling and unlimited turbo boost. No matter where he is, always after the first circle he immediately dies. You have the ability to pass the curse on to others, but you must be sure that you will be able to defeat them to the end.

Game features

There are also distracting maneuvers on each track, such as environmental hazards. And Telly’s spirit will follow you and if you get too close to her, she will attack. Therefore, you must watch out and be careful to win the race. The whole game is rich in a gallery of atmospheric tracks. To test your capabilities and ability to survive, you can choose time trials and download Deadlane to your pc via torrent for free.

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