Dead or Alive 6

System requirements Dead or Alive 6:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit);
processor: Intel Core i7 8700;
RAM: 16 GB;
graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 1060;
DirectX: 11th version;
disk space: 50 GB.


Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6 – Japanese fighting, continuing the immortal series of arcade fights from the side. The project is developing studio Team Ninja. According to the developers, the toy continues the classic traditions of the game series. Again, you are waiting for sexy girls fighters in tight-fitting outfits and muscular male fighters with a torso. The new game will be developed on a new engine, the rendering of which is based on physical principles. The main innovation of graphic design will be different lighting for different surfaces. The skin will become more realistic, there will be shadows, wrinkles, smudges and much more. In addition, the models will become more detailed and elaborated. Also in the game will be new characters and various gameplay add-ons. After the release, you can download the torrent Dead or Alive 6 from our site.


As such, the plot is not in the game. The whole gameplay is built on fierce dynamic battles with interactive inserts. In the new part, players will see familiar characters from the previous parts of the series, as well as new unique fighters who wanted to take part in a deadly fight. Each of the fighters wants to get the cup and become the sole champion. But who will succeed – depends solely on you.


The gameplay of the project is made in the style of an arcade fighting game in the Japanese setting. The developers said that the basis of the gameplay will be all the same dynamic fights with the use of improved combo series and special attacks. However, the new part will have its own unique combo system. With this system, even novice players with a few simple actions will be able to conduct a series of powerful blows.
The game will have several game modes, including a training mode in which beginners can learn timings and other secrets in order to improve their skills.

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