Dead Island: Riptide

System requirements Dead Island: Riptide:

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7;
Processor: Core2Duo 2.66 GHz;
Video card: ATI 2600XT 512MB VRAM (geforce 8600GT);
Sound Card: 100% DirectX 9 compatible sound card;
Free space on hard drive: 7 GB of free space.


Dead Island: Riptide

Tourists escaping from the island of Bana, teeming with the dead, naively believed that the test was over. But they were deeply mistaken … Leaving the damned island in a helicopter, the heroes of Dead Island Riptide moved to a warship. It seemed that the nightmare was already in the past, but a sudden storm threw the survivors onto the island of Palanei, where the insidious virus, which turns people into zombies, also penetrated. The struggle for survival has unfolded with a new force!

More about the game

Dead Island Riptide is a hurricane co-operative action game with RPG elements and an open game world. Expect you: new locations, even more terrifying opponents and powerful new weapons. In addition, a new character will be added to the company of people who fled from Banoy – a cook from a warship, John Morgan. This magnificent five will have to make every effort to leave the damned island, thereby preserving their lives.

Game features

Continuation of the cult game Dead Island Riptide. The sequel will tell us a new story. In the last game, we managed to get out of the island on a seedy ship. But it was foolish to believe that everything worked out. The disease nevertheless crawled to the crew. We are waiting for a new gaming space with complete freedom of action and movement. We also have a multiplayer game mode. But there were much more weapons, the number of levels and the difficulty of passing them significantly increased. The weapon modification system has been taken to a new level, and weather conditions have become dynamic.

Added a lot of interesting quests and tasks, for example, build yourself a fortification and hold out until help arrives or a certain amount of time. The rest of the game’s innovations is not worth telling, it’s better to recognize them yourself by going through the game.

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