Dead In Bermuda

System requirements Dead In Bermuda

OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3
CPU: 2 GHz
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Disk space: 700 MB
Optional: 1280×720 minimal screen resolution


Dead In Bermuda

Perhaps, each of the inhabitants of the planet, who is in a conscious age, knows or heard about such a unique place as the Bermuda Triangle. Only babies who have recently been born are not aware of him. This place is characterized by constant inexplicable events, covered in a veil of secrets and mysteries, which no one has yet been able to solve. Here, people and vehicles disappear without a trace, regardless of size. Ships, planes – disappear and do not return. It is these facts that formed the basis of the game Dead In Bermuda. The developers tried to guess the events that occur after the disappearance.

More about the game

The storyline of the game describes the crash of an aircraft, as a result of which, once in a triangle, it falls near an uninhabited island. Passengers find themselves in difficult conditions, and their main goal is survival. In order to enjoy a high-quality game, and try your hand at survival, we offer Dead In Bermuda to download torrent. In general, you can draw a parallel between the plot of the game and the plot of the series Lost.

Game features

What can new Dead In Bermuda players expect? You will find yourself in the center of life on the island, with all its charms and shortcomings, impending dangers. Be careful in everything, including the choice of source of drinking water. What to watch out for on the island? All that is unknown to you. Avoid trees and bushes on which berries and fruits unknown to you grow, carefully process food during cooking, look for exclusively fresh water for drinking. You can also be trapped by a huge number of traps on the entire island.

Together – more fun. Stick to other characters. So you will not only be more fun, but also safer. You will be able to go through various relationships – friendly and hostile, to experience love, and much more. Of particular interest. Gamers added to the use of craft. You can create different objects from what is at hand. You can use your inventions in the extraction of water and food, as well as in improving the skills of the hero.

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