Days Gone

System requirements Days Gone

Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1 or Windows 10 (64-bit only);
Processor: Intel Core i5-4570T 2.9 GHz or AMD FX-6100 3.3 GHz;
RAM: 4 GB;
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti or AMD Radeon HD 6850;
DirectX: version 11;
Free disk space: 8 GB;
Sound card: compatible with DirectX.



Days Gone

Days Gone is a computer game that offers you so many possibilities that it’s hard to even believe this fact. Presented a new project was for the PlayStation 4 consoles and personal computers. In order for the studio to allocate a good budget for such a game, the developers had to wait quite a few years for the entertainment industry to once again become popular with zombie products. After all, if you recall the last year, in the vastness of movies and games, they only do that they release movies, as well as TV shows that are completely devoted to the subject of a zombie apocalypse. Now, the creator of this game has completely untied his hands, and they feel a surge of real energy, which is left to send in the right direction.

The game takes place in a fictional reality, which in many aspects resembles our world, only with the exception that a terrible virus was discovered on planet Earth, because of which people die only and then turn into dead people, which are gradually sent to chew living flesh of his former comrades.

But what is new here, you ask. But the developers paid a lot of attention to the game engine and added to it a decent artificial intelligence, thanks to which, the zombies behave extremely realistic and move in whole clusters of several dozen people at once. Because of this, the atmosphere of fear constantly puts pressure on the player as soon as he tries to launch this game, because you will be constantly hunted by these wild creatures. In order for you to somehow cope with them, you will have to use crafting items and weapons, with the help of which you will lead the massacre.

Days Gone is a computer game that is primarily aimed at tough lovers of horror films and zombie films, because the developers from Sony’s studio decided that in this segment there are no really high-quality projects among digital entertainment that could at least somehow to compete with counterparts from the cinema. But now it looks like these times are in the past, because the project that they demonstrated at one of their events made players from all over the world simply applaud while standing, because this level of graphics and gameplay in games about zombies has not been seen. As you have already guessed, the game will take place in a somewhat distant future, which suffers from a lack of remnants of the old, good land, because now it suffers from a terrible virus that terrifies literally everyone who meets on its way, because as soon as comes into contact with the blood, then immediately turns the owner of the blood into a zombie, devouring all the living flesh around him.

But by some miracle, the main character was lucky, and he is not completely susceptible to this filth, but the problem is something else, they can still be torn to death. Therefore, it is not surprising that you will be pursued by crowds of zombies consisting of dozens of dead bodies wishing to feast on the body of the main character. And the most important thing is that this whole crowd of the dead will be generated in real time and shown right on the screen of your personal computer, and artificial intelligence will force these creatures to climb onto the building in which the main character hides from all the cracks.



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