Day of Dragons

System requirements Day of Dragons

OS: Windows 64bit
Processor: x64 Dual-Core CPU
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Grafik: 2GB nVidia or AMD Graphics
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband internet connection
Disk space: 10 GB
Sound Card: Any
Gamepad support: Partial



Day of Dragons

A survival game set in a beautiful open world with a huge landscape and outlandish biomes. Download Day of Dragons torrent free of charge from our website and control huge dragons or giant Elemental.

More about the game

A beautiful fantasy world awaits you in an incredibly fun sandbox-style survival game. Beautiful landscapes and amazing biomes will open before you. In order to plunge into this world, you need to download the torrent Day of Dragons on our game portal. In this game you have to control a real dragon or you can choose a giant elemental.

Game features

– the ability to play as dangerous dragons, elementals and other fantastic creatures, which must be unlocked as you progress;
– the character appears as a toddler who needs to eat and grow to an adult;
– single player campaign;
– the ability to play online with friends;
– a huge open world with colorful landscapes, including deserts, volcanic steppes, forests, caves, swamps, etc .;
– superpowers of characters (flight, fiery breath, poisonous spitting, plasma shots, invisibility, etc.);
– the ability to reproduce: dragons lay eggs, from which players can breed offspring, inheriting abilities from both parents;
– an amazing ending: a survival game allows you not only to reach adulthood, but also to reveal secrets, thanks to which you can develop to an Alpha Dragon or Alpha Elemental.

Day of Dragons (you can download the torrent on our website) is a game for true lovers of a fairytale atmosphere and a survival genre.

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On this page you can download the game Day of Dragons torrent free on a PC.



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