System requirements DARK WATER:

OS: Windows 7
Memory: 8 GB
DirectX: 9.0c



In a cozy village where people are accustomed to peace and quiet, a grandmother and a girl live. A small family shows how to stay strong and not despair even in the most difficult situation. Fans of platformers can now download DARK WATER via torrent from our website and try to save the village from the invasion of worms. Desperate courage or fear, what will help overcome the problem?

More about the game

In a cartoon world with realistic physics, there are patterns. Gamers who choose the platformer genre for themselves know how much the plot can differ in games. And therefore, each project is intriguing in its own way and is able to attract with its elaborate history and colorful images.

Game features

But if a huge worm creeps in front of you, then you need to act immediately. The desperate grandmother and her granddaughter will show all courage and courage to overcome the invasion of crawling creatures. If you are familiar with the specifics of passing such projects or want to try yourself in a new game, do not lose the opportunity. Download DARK WATER via torrent now. And in order to save the village, we recommend just acting. You will appreciate the detailing of platforms and characters, and the plot will not make you bored.

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