Dark Souls

System requirements Dark Souls

OC Windows: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel i5 750 with a clock speed of 2.6 GHz
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 / ATI Radeon HD 5850
Hard disk space: 5 GB


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Dark Souls

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die, which can be translated as “prepare to die,” but the main character in this role-playing video game is immortal. All that does not kill you, makes you only stronger, more agile and more calculating – so the developers decided to submit their first project and give birth to a new franchise, which will soon find many fans. The world of Dark Souls is a dark and harsh place that is completely filled with despair.

The storyline is built on the legends of a country where people were cursed by the gods and doomed to eternal torment. They were called undead, which is located at the intersection of two worlds, the living and the dead. The numerous demons occupying these territories hold the undead in constant fear and torment, forcing them to worship them to exhaustion. The remnants of the human will spawn champions who are trying in every way to expel evil from their native lands.

The computer game Dark Souls: Prepare to Die – Durante Edition allows you to experience unprecedented pain from the loss of the life of the main character, because you are guaranteed that you will not see this in any other game. Because unlike most other projects that are now released in the gaming industry, you have to die so often that you will be shocked by the number of deaths of your main character. You will spend more time not on going through the normal story campaign, but on recovering from the deaths that follow your attempts to destroy the bosses that appear here at every step. Thus, the developers received the status of the most brutal video game creators in the industry.

Because they do not give the descent to the average gamer. You have to sweat, just to complete the first few levels. Because then you just have to push for your PC. This project can only be advised by repulsed masochists who are ready for anything, only to feel all the pain and losses they will receive when completing tasks in this game.

Only in Dark Souls: Priper Tu Dai – Durante Edishn you will be able to get completely unforgettable emotions from the passage of one of the most difficult games in the history not only of the gaming industry, but of all of humanity as a whole. Therefore, do not think you need to be immersed in the world of Dark Souls.



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