Damn, what was yesterday?

System requirements Damn, what was yesterday?:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Core i3-4340 / AMD FX-6300
Video Card: GTX 660 / A8-6500 / 2GB
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk Space: 6 GB



Damn, what was yesterday?

We continue to carefully explore the world of trash entertainment, and this time in the game Damn, what was yesterday? You will have the opportunity to go on a far from such an easy adventure. Initially, it may seem that this is a completely simple adventure that does not require anything so unusual. But then your adventure will begin to be actively filled with the most diverse and interesting memes, which may have long been forgotten, but may be relevant. In any case, all coincidences and hints can be completely random. Therefore, we invite you to actively act and enjoy a pleasant game that will delight you with a variety of details.

More about the game

It is worthwhile to understand that in this game you will find a complete trash, which at first will start to scare, and then allow you to just have a good time and discover a lot of new and interesting content. Do not think that you will simply be offered an incoherent process of pleasant entertainment, everything in this game will have some kind of connection that you have to figure out. But it will be quite difficult and not so familiar. In any case, you should download Damn, what was yesterday? via torrent to a PC it’s free, and after that it will be possible to begin actively to achieve a favorable result.

Unpredictable gameplay

Despite the fact that a full-fledged adventure awaits you, you should be extremely careful and try not to make any mistakes in your activity. Initially, everything will develop quite logically and slowly, but as soon as you begin to deal with all the nuances, you will immediately feel a certain napalm of all activities. Therefore, do not doubt your own expediency and just immediately download the torrent Damn, what was yesterday? on the pc.

Game features

In fact, such unusual adventures allow you to take a completely different look at everything that is happening and simply appreciate the whole array of memes that exists in the modern world. Therefore, you can only immerse yourself in such an adventure and try to achieve success, achieving not only self-awareness, but also the ability to just be attentive. Only some users will be able to reach the end, who will be able to pass all the tests and remain in the consciousness and understanding of everything that is happening. Therefore, we wish you a pleasant pastime, good mood and just good luck. It will come in handy for you, as well as self-control, which will be easy to lose.

On this page you can download the game Damn, what was yesterday? via torrent free on PC.



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