Cyberline Racing

System requirements Cyberline Racing:

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Core i3 6100, AMD X4 860
Video card: GTX 650Ti, Radeon HD 5870
Disk space: 2 GB



Cyberline Racing

The modern world is finally mired in a world of corruption, political and economic chaos. A crisis is observed in all aspects of life. Everyone is run by greedy, longing for corporations. They earn on world military conflicts and confrontations. Among the crazy projects that are saturated with violence in this world are deadly racing Cyberline Racing, which is a real reality show. The point is quite ordinary – the first to come to the finish line, but this is not easy to do, because the equipment is equipped with advanced weapons. The racers themselves are a terrifying bunch of criminals and scumbags. You have to become one of them, try to survive and earn enough money to improve your iron mustang.

More about the game

The thirst for violence and blood pushes dishonest businessmen to come up with new, sophisticated forms of entertainment. The game project Cyberline Racing combines explosive action and crazy adrenaline. Racing has entered a new round of evolution. Equipping the car with guns, you have to show the wonders of driving, dodging the shots of rivals, and destroying anyone who can get around you.

Cyberline Corporation, driven by a crazy genius, the inferno racer, not only came up with dangerous entertainment, she openly checks the capabilities of the weapons developed by her. Thus, without hiding, technology is being prepared for mass production, while an outlandish, shocking show is popularized in the world. Of course, the most frostbitten inhabitants of a completely civilized world could not miss such an event. Here you can meet killers and psychopaths. It is worth noting that, in addition to people, androids debited from the accounts also take part in the races. On the track you will have to face various types, and surpass them in everything. Prove your superiority! Survive, come to the finish line first and earn a decent amount.

As a participant, you have to deal with crazy loonies. There will be sixteen of them. Each of them has its own legend and reasons to enter the confrontation. To finish, you must go to overtake, blow up and ram rivals. Combat tracks are located in different locations, from exotic corners of the planet, to abandoned military bases. Not without all kinds of slums in the style of cyberpunk, islands with volcanoes and snowy, mountain plains. Moving up the career ladder, you can replenish your garage with more than thirty unique cars that will become death machines under your strict guidance! If you are ready to take a chance and fight, hurry to download Cyberline Racing using the convenient menu of our site.

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