Crysis Remastered

System requirements Crysis Remastered

Win: 7 64
Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 3.3GHz
AMD Radeon R9 370 Video Memory: 2048 MB


Crysis Remastered

Crytek’s Crysis Remastered computer game project is an anticipated event in the world of the gaming industry. The developers have released many interesting games, having won the trust and respect of gamers, and are now ready to delight them with quality work again. The previous version of the game in this series instantly scattered around the world, and today it is played by thousands of users, enjoying and enjoying the well-designed elements of the project. Developers recently released a teaser of the game, and this intrigued the players. According to forecasts, the project will be no less spectacular, high-quality, and quite original. Today, active work is underway on the next toy in the series, and very soon users will be able to appreciate all its advantages and benefits.

More about the game

Download Crysis Remastered via torrent on PC for free from our gaming portal. The game is a remaster, but despite this, it is worthy of your attention. In the management of the gamer is given a universal soldier who has to perform complex tasks without anyone else’s help. Thanks to his special costume, the hero gains incredible abilities, gains various unique capabilities, and is quite ready to realize his potential. The functionality of the costume gives the character strength, speed, and even makes him invisible. To realize any of the functions, you need energy. It comes in limited portions, and needs to be charged, which means that all the functions for the hero will not be infinite.

A famous story in a new wrapper

Try to take this into account, use them sparingly, and avoid mistakes that entail negative consequences. Crysis Remastered events will unfold on remote islands that have suffered as a result of a suspicious meteorite falling on them. A team of Korean scientists and troops instantly arrived at the scene of the accident to open the shell and find out what is hidden inside this strange object. Their actions became a mistake, because after that a terrible alien force was awakened, and it was she who now became a danger to all mankind.

Beautiful, unique world

The Crysis Remastered game project of the year is distinguished by a well-developed environment, as well as unique features. Manual drawing of the world will allow you to enjoy the environment, and follow everything that happens on the screen. Game adventure gives great pleasure to gamers, because it has many battles. The authors of the project also worked on creating an interactive environment, a large selection of weapons, and all this together creates a unique atmosphere and gives the feeling that the player is completely immersed in the game.

For the passage of Crysis Remastered, users will need a lot of time, so you should already plan your leisure time to enjoy a fascinating adventure, without being distracted by extraneous matters. An incredible story awaits you, filled with a mass of not only dangerous but also pleasant moments. By choosing the maximum difficulty level in the game, you can take advantage of all the costume features available in the project, and you will also have simple tactical capabilities at your disposal.

There were some new technologies

In order to make the Crysis Remastered project unusual, and to get away from the signs of a typical remaster, Crytek developers made various technological changes to it. Ray tracing is an unusual and rather curious system, due to which the image quality is improved and there is no big load on the equipment. It is tied only to some models with support for this technology. The developers also worked to improve the effects, animations and textures, which means gamers will enjoy incredible graphic beauty. But you need to take into account the power and capabilities of your equipment in order to enjoy all this.

In order to feel the game project and get an unforgettable pleasure from the passage, you need to download the Crysis Remastered torrent on your PC, and you can safely go on an exciting journey. You are waiting for large-scale battles with aliens. The role of your opponents will also be played more normally by soldiers and universal mercenaries who have exactly the same costume. Do you want to turn the tank over with one hand? In this game, this is possible. You can defend yourself by throwing palm trees, bullet slopes, and in other ways. Much depends on your improvisation and imagination. Show that in your hands this unique costume is capable of much.

Game features

Adaptation to the environment and efficient use of the environment will help you achieve your goals.
Improve your costume, add new features to it.
A wide range of weapons will make it possible to cope with any number of enemies. The main thing is to pay attention to the stocks of cartridges, and in case of finding someone else’s weapon, take it to yourself. It will definitely come in handy.
During battles with aliens, action will have to be taken under ordinary conditions, and in zero gravity. The latter will be very difficult to do.
The authors pleased the users with a huge open world. There are no restrictions on movement.

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