Crumbling World

System requirements Crumbling World:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Video card: DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.
Disk Space: 1 GB



Crumbling World

It is time to dive headlong into the already standard adventures in which you can become a real hero, ready to fight the forces of evil. This time everything looks in a standard way. However, one feature still exists – this is the generation of the world and the format of cubism. The creators of the project Crumbling World used a fairly simple technology, but they just perfectly fit into the game concept. So worry about the fact that the game project may come to your liking is not worth it. Everything is made in the best traditions and very high quality. You just have to enjoy the complete absence of restrictions.

More about the game

This project implements an original adventure system with which you can pass the same test several times. It is she who helps to pass all the locations without increasing the level of difficulty, and you will play for the same character, but at the same time you will come across the most unexpected traps or changes in locations. Random generation of locations will give you a chance to get a lot of vivid gaming experiences and will become the basis for an active gameplay. And just it will allow you to periodically return to memorable locations for you. But all this does not cancel the battle with the monsters, so you also get a chance to stretch out a bit. If you yourself want to appreciate all the charms of the presented interactive, we recommend that you download the Crumbling World torrent on our Internet resource.

Cubic graphics

Initially, you might think that cubist-style graphics look completely ridiculous in this adventure. However, we are not advised to rush to conclusions, because it was done here on purpose. This allows the project to run on any PC. You can also customize the game yourself, add the desired special effects or more realistic physics. This project is full of different details, entertaining locations and an interactive environment, which together provides a chance to get a real buzz. You just need to be a little active, take advantage of the available loopholes and then the desired result will come pretty quickly. And now you should go to our online portal and download Crumbling World torrent there for free. Believe me, a completely new world awaits you.

You can not worry about this universe, because you are standing on its guard. Carefully examine all the details, use different characters and have fun. We have no doubt that you will have more than enough impressions. Enjoy the game and have a great time!

Game features

You can choose one of seven available game characters who will have original and entertaining abilities.
Immerse yourself in a world of re-adventure, which will become unique due to the random choice of location.
Improve your character as you wish, just remember the nuances of character classification.

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