System requirements CrossCode:

OS: Windows 7/8
Processor: 2 GHz dual core
Graphics Card: 1GB




The developers were inspired by retro games and created a vibrant CrossCode project, which combines various genres, starting with RPG and strategy. The events of an unusually fascinating plot take gamers to the recent past. The story presented is framed in 16bit graphics, which is remembered by many in the first releases of SEGA. But at the same time, the developers did not ignore the innovative developments of the gaming industry, and introduced modern physics, so the gameplay promises to be incredibly exciting and convenient.

More about the game

Traveling in a virtual universe is so exciting that the ultimate goal fades into the background. If you want to have fun, then hurry up to download CrossCode for free. The project brought together all the best of all genres, here are complex puzzles, and a mass of effective weapons with various items for subsequent use. As you progress through the story, players will discover new opportunities and various, sometimes unexpected challenges. A full-fledged role-playing system and a detailed battle system for an arcade project will surely not leave anyone indifferent.

Game features

You will be able to travel freely in a large open world, which consists of numerous locations. On each you will meet monsters, enemies or new friends. The most interesting elements will have puzzles that require attention and logical thinking. And if the situation is very tense, then you can safely use the available weapons and the unique abilities of the heroes. Now you can help a young girl become a hero, destroy evil!

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