Crime District


System requirements Crime District

OS: Windows 10/8/7
Processor: i5-4450
Video card: gtx260
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk space: 4 GB


Crime District

Remember how Agatha Christie had the words, “Let’s play decadence”? Here they are great for this dark game where you find yourself in the terrible city of Kusan City. Decadence means decline and decay, and this is the case in this city, so if you want to download the Crime District torrent on your PC, you will have a full sip of it all. There is the Joker, who is the leader of the most nightmarish gang of this “nice little town”, and there is you, who are a police officer in the city of anarchy, decline, drugs and crime.

More about the game

Everything about Crime District is very exciting. It’s a weird world of violence and disorder that you want to add a little more order to. But it’s extremely difficult to do. The Joker sets off an explosion, but this is just a link in the sinister chain of his plans, which you will try to prevent. But this is a city in which everything is complicated, and your hero is also not an angel with wings or some kind of Superman.


No, you are a cop who somehow tries to get his job done and takes on multiple missions. It is very easy for you to make a mistake on this thorny path. And fall into something resembling the deeds of the Joker, this should be avoided. In general, there are murders and violence, carjacking and robberies at every step, and here people are kidnapped, and only you have to understand – is this all the insidious Joker invented, or is this the everyday life of a town engulfed in an economic crisis?

And the Joker is not appeased. He wants to take all power in the city, and the corrupt rulers are only helpers in carrying out his criminal villainous intentions. Only you can stop the Chaos coming to Kusan City and confront the criminal of the century. But will there be enough skills and strength for this? The creators of the game have tried – the graphics are great, the music is at a high level, there is an effect of immersion in this world.

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