Creepy Tale

System requirements Creepy Tale

OS: 64-bit Windows 7/8/10
CPU: 2 GHz
Video Card: GeForce 600 Series
Disk Space: 2 GB


Creepy Tale

Do you like games with a non-standard storyline? Then a game project called Creepy Tale will definitely amaze your imagination. It is made in the genre of adventure quest, which tells the story of a campaign for mushrooms. It would seem that terrible things can happen in the usual search for mushrooms? But it so happened that our character and his brother were involved in a terrible story. So, your brother was kidnapped, and you were left alone in the middle of a terrifying forest, which is full of dangers and monsters. During the gameplay you will have to solve puzzles, try not to get caught and save your brother. Before you will be a dark story about a once peaceful and calm forest, which the spirits turned into a completely sinister place. And maybe you can solve all the secrets and free the forest and its inhabitants from evil.

More about the game

It so happened that you and your brother were involved in this dark story. When you were in the forest, your brother was kidnapped by one of the dark soldiers, so now your main task is to find your brother and love the way to save him. Moreover, it will be completely difficult, because there are many dangers in the forest. And the forces of evil will certainly notice the new inhabitant and come for you. In a word, the game promises to be very interesting and fascinating. Brother is kidnapped and you have to deal with many obstacles on the way to him. Pass all the tests and then you can return your brother. Solve challenging puzzles for more information. Explore the area, find the necessary items, then to use them to overcome obstacles. Improve your skills, because enemies do not sleep and wait for the moment to attack. You can download the Creepy Tale torrent from this link for free.

Game features

The game itself is not very complicated, but it absorbs mechanics almost completely. And at the same time, the gameplay can easily be called dynamic and exciting. During the game you will solve not only physical puzzles, but also search for objects, unleash other non-standard tasks, etc. Different events await you along the way, encounters with dark forces and mystical creatures. You need to run away from the monsters, securely hide, catch all the opponents, talk with the forest inhabitants, who will tell you more information about what is happening. Enjoy the gameplay, and if you wish, you can download the Creepy Tale torrent on the presented game portal.

The game implements almost all the elements of the standard classic task. Collecting items will help him complete. You will also come across tasks when you need to quickly give an answer, and logical tasks. It is worth paying attention to the musical accompaniment, which makes the game more atmospheric.

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