System requirements Craftopia:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core
Video card: VRAM 2GB, DirectX: 11
Disk space: 10 GB



Survival worlds always require special attention from the players and offer great opportunities. So this time you have to go on an exciting adventure Craftopia, which will not only give you a lot of pleasant and interesting emotions, but will also be an excellent occasion to test your abilities for the game. After all, now you have to survive in the conditions of a large number of other chosen ones and monsters who will not mind feasting on you. Therefore, you should quickly adapt to the new world and try to develop your capabilities as quickly as possible. Such a fit will cheer up and reveal the potential for survival, in which many interesting mechanics will be hidden.

More about the game

Surviving a dilapidated world alone is almost impossible. You may need help sooner or later. And where to expect her, if not from other survivors? At first, you will have to establish contact with them and try to make friends, and only then they may begin to pay attention to you and even share resources. Just do not rush to relax, the stand, insanity and other unpleasant actions have remained unchanged, so it is likely that you will have to face this kind of activity and try to withstand the blow. Since betrayal is the most terrible sin of all, which all survivors will actively use. And to appreciate these possibilities, you first have to download Craftopia via torrent on your PC for free.

Complete freedom of action

Survival in the game is presented in different directions: personal development and the search for weapons, the creation of economic and industrial zones, the struggle for power and recognition. All these directions will be cleverly combined with each other within the framework of this adventure, so it is worthwhile to initially learn everything and practice your playing skills. Do not think that this will be too easy to implement, so initially study the world, mark useful places on your map, and just try to act quickly. Until other clans take you prisoner. The world is dangerous and you can’t get away from it, which means it’s time to download the Craftopia torrent on your PC and start building your career.

Survival is gradually reaching a new level and will certainly allow you to achieve success in your development. And we recommend that you just start acting and strive for the best result.

Game features

A survival world with a wide variety of possibilities.
The construction of a private house and a vegetable garden is the main motive for survival; you should not even disdain industrial buildings.
Great prospects for the development of the protagonist and his entourage.
Dangerous opponents who will act as unpredictably as possible.

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