System requirements Cosmoteer:

Operating System: Windows Xp, 7, 8, 10
CPU: 1Ghz
Video Card: Any
Hard Drive Memory: 100Mb



Do you like traveling? Do you like to explore new? What can you say about traveling on a spaceship through the vast expanses of unlimited space? Want to? Then right now download the Cosmoteer game and start your fascinating journey. And the most important thing is that you build your ship yourself. The money you earn can be spent on improving or building a ship. You are the creator of your ship and its characteristics will depend on you, so think carefully. There is no universal ship in Cosmoteer, you will need to initially select the type of future ship that suits you. The damage level will depend on the different place of the damage done to you.

More about the game

From the very beginning, you will need to decide what functions your spacecraft should perform. For example, it can be a warship, or a cargo ship. Depending on what goals you will pursue, the effectiveness of your ship will be determined. For example, having set up enough cargo compartments, you can earn on the transportation and sale of various goods. In turn, this will allow you to earn money and improve the ship, complete, make it more massive, efficient, strong and powerful.

So that the first successful shot of your opponent does not become your last, build your ship in detail. The installation of the necessary modules should preferably take place in a safe place, even if it hurts the flight performance of your ship.

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