Corsairs 4 Black Spot

System requirements Corsairs 4 Black Spot

Operating System: Windows Vista / 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.0GHz
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
Also: Keyboard, mouse


Corsairs 4 Black Spot

A new part of the popular game series is already in the public domain. Therefore, if you are a fan of pirates, then the game Corsairs 4 Black Spot will be a real gift for you. This is a role-playing game with action elements. You have to play the role of a man who from the bottom of the service has already risen to the rank of captain. You can also say that the game was created a little in the genre of detective. A lot of people worked on the creation of this project and today the game has received a large number of positive reviews. So everything was done not in vain.

More about the game

Quite a lot of information can be found regarding the storyline. But, to experience all the delights of the game, you need to visit our game portal and download the torrent Corsairs 4 Black Spot. Gamers will have to play for a character who could become a real captain of the ship. In addition to all of the above, our character witnessed not the most pleasant events, after which his life changed a lot. This prompted him to go on a long voyage.

Game features

At the moment, it is not yet fully known how everything will happen, but the fact that you have to go through a long and thorny one will be already entertaining. But the creators say that the players will be pleasantly surprised by the new high-quality gameplay. According to the official information provided, in the game Corsairs 4 Black Spot there will be an open world, which in size significantly exceeds the previous one about one and a half times. There will be different ports, pirate bays, camps, cities, caves, islands and much more. The developers did their best so that each player could see for themselves something interesting. Therefore, the game turned out so high quality. Download torrent Corsairs Black Spot you can on the link below for free.

In the game Corsairs 4 Black Spot you have the opportunity to visit anywhere in the world, because there will be no restrictions. The ships will look as realistic as possible, and the sailing process is also reproduced in detail. This game project can surprise any gamer, and it also has an advanced system for customizing ships and the realism of possible damage. Of course, ships can fail, but you will know what to do in such cases. Repair work is carried out only in special shipyards, not every port is suitable for this. You can improve your ship, add different details, buy unique sails.

It should be noted graphic design, which here looks at a completely different level. Download torrent Corsairs 4 Black Spot on our site for free. You will find a lot of beautiful landscapes and interesting events, so you will not be bored. The high level of detail of the gameplay allows you to fully enjoy it, as well as the environment, which looks very realistic. This whole world lives according to its own laws and anything can happen here as well. You will fight, develop and do much more in the presented project.

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