Core Keeper


System requirements Core Keeper:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5, 2.27 GHz
Video card: GeForce GT 330M
Disk space: 250 MB

Core Keeper

This is a 2D building base game that will soon become popular. The IGC Expo game, announced at IGN Expo, is based on building a base in an ancient cave using materials obtained from resource extraction. As you gather materials and craft new items, you will eventually be able to turn on the mysterious relic of the Core. You can download Core Keeper via torrent for free.

About this game

Your adventures will take you far and wide into a procedurally created network of caves, where you will come face to face with huge monsters and enemy creatures that are part of a modeled ecosystem. Defeating them and collecting secrets will unlock new equipment and opportunities, such as growing crops, preparing new recipes, and creating items that will help you get to know the world better.

All your adventures will help bring fresh items back to your base that will grow and develop as you improve and take care of your farm.

The main advantages of Core Keeper:


Explore a huge underground cave with endless resources. Mine for resources, discover hidden crystals, fossils and trivia, and survive in a procedurally created underworld.

Strengthening the core

Expand your base from humble beginnings to huge mansions. Build tables and generators to craft new equipment and technology, build your base, and strengthen your core.

Crafting a tool

Customize your explorer and prepare new items, armor and equipment for your onward journey into the cave. Make a pickaxe that mines walls and resources, builds bridges to cross underground lakes, and sets up torches and lights to illuminate the darkness.

Growing plants

Plant seeds and crops to grow food, or combine ingredients in a pot to unlock great new recipes with unexpected effects.

Discovery of the ancient world

Explore living biomes and battle cave creatures in a simulated underground ecosystem. Defeat huge animals to collect crystals and continue your adventure.

Sandbox for 1-8 players

Survive alone or play online with 7 other players. Visit their caves or invite them to yours, where they work together on resource extraction, battles, farming, crafts and survival.

On this page you can download the game via torrent Core Keeper free on a PC.



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