Core Decay


System requirements Core Decay

OS: Windows 7
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
Disk space: 1 GB


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Core Decay

The problem of lack of resources in the modern world is now very relevant, and of course, the producers of “games” could not ignore it. Perhaps the new game Core Decay is a way to make people think that natural possibilities in the 21st century are not endless, or perhaps it is just a desire to make people feel like the saviors of the universe. In any case, the plot revolves around the depletion of resources on Earth, which came finally and irrevocably in 2089. A global ecological disaster is on the way. Humanity is in a panic, they have no more than a year to live.

More about the game

Modern ruling corporations, of course, have united in a large-scale conspiracy, the goal of which is to take everything valuable for themselves, and destroy everyone who gets in their way, and also consumes excess oxygen. It is you, as a player and your team, who will have to not only explore the planet, find its possible reserves and reserves, but also uncover this global conspiracy, finding a way to destroy it. Then you can save humanity.

Game features

In order to achieve the goal, you are offered 11 different locations, a lot of unusual weapons and different ways to act: chop everyone and everything directly, or destroy the enemy quietly, as well as develop large-scale attack plans with the help of your accomplices. A stunning action toy that also encompasses elements of science fiction, an imminent apocalypse and the struggle for survival. Nice art in retro style and very believable landscapes, this should also be noted in Core Decay.

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