Copper Dreams


System requirements Copper Dreams

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: dual-core 1.5 GHz
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
Video card: 512


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Copper Dreams

Copper Dreams is a spy game development with a lot of all sorts of interesting gadgets and ideas. Isometric camera and virtual reality tell you about an island called Catalina. It is overpopulated with people, and people here behave cheekily, without moral rules, restrictions on crime and are mired in corruption schemes. To return the island to the status of “great”, you will have to cleanse it of filth.

More about the game

Of the interesting ideas of the authors of Copper Dreams, one can name virtual spying on enemies. Factional political battles with criminals of the law, “quiet” murder and a chainsaw instead of the hands of your opponents. The game’s features allow you to explore the world from above. Running over rooftops and ventilation shafts, and underground. Making his way through various tunnels and abandoned old cellars. Your main value is time. Everything depends on him: the fight with the enemy, the change of day to night. From which your ability to play either improves or worsens.


Another interesting idea: vital signs. Your ability to live and move depends directly on the damage that you receive in the game, from a scratch to a severed leg. If the diseases are “small”, you move normally. Big and deadly can give you extra time in the game, but in the morning you will pass out. Moreover, every injury, as in real life, affects the work of your body: if you were wounded in the head, you will not be able to think normally, if you hit your hand, it will not be able to hold a weapon.

Game features

Any pain is treated with a special first aid kit, and it will have to be matched to the nature of the injury. If you get to the end of the level, most of the health problems will disappear automatically. Today the game is in the development studio for PC, you can try it out on the payment and trial system from the developers, or download the Copper Dreams torrent on your PC.

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