Cooking Simulator

System requirements Cooking Simulator:

Operating system: Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: i5 3550 / FX-8350
Video Card: GTX 660Ti / R9 270X
6 GB free hard disk space


Cooking Simulator

Cooking a gourmet dish and surprising customers of a cafe or restaurant is what the next simulator offers, where you can show your culinary skills and become a real chef. Very unusual missions await you in this exciting game, since you will not immediately become an experienced chef. You will need to constantly learn the recipes. At first you can cook simple dishes, and then, as you accumulate points, you can cook an unusual dish and just hit your guests in your cafe. In the game Cooking Simulator, which you can download torrent for free on our updated game portal, you will travel to different countries, learn the traditions of cooking there, and then cook incredible dishes. But first, learn the recipes, prepare the dishes yourself, gradually improving the skills of the cook. You can always become a professional cook, but just to get started, prepare a few simple dishes, then to move to a new game level.


The trick in the game is that your cafe is mobile. So you can travel to many countries of the world and get acquainted with culinary traditions and recipes there. After you learn the recipes, you will return to your city again, and there you will be able to surprise customers with delicious dishes. There will be a lot of recipes, so you should stop focusing on your favorite dish, pick up the ingredients, and start the actual cooking process. For each dish you will receive bonus funds. In this simulator there are no restrictions. You are given complete freedom of action, so become a culinary visionary and cook the best dish. Subsequently, you can arrange a cooking competition with other chefs. You will need to learn how to quickly cut products, use a variety of household appliances for cooking. The game has a mode for a while. For a specific time limit, you should prepare a dish as soon as possible. In the game there are also humorous elements. So enjoy cooking and become an unsurpassed cook, and then a chef.


In the kitchen you need to be extremely collected. If something does not work, you can show your anger – it is available in this game. Break the glass, throw food in the kitchen, even a fire can be arranged. Download Cooking Simulator torrent can every visitor to the site. If you do everything neatly and correctly, then you will be able to create dishes in a short time in the game. Save your bonuses so that you can travel to new countries and learn culinary experience there. New missions, ovens, microwaves – use such equipment to be able to create culinary masterpieces.



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