Contra Rogue Corps

System requirements Contra Rogue Corps

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-4460
Video Card: GTX 650
Hard Drive Memory: 14GB


Contra Rogue Corps

The game Contra Rogue Corps is an exciting shooter, the events of which continue the actions of the previous part. As in all games in the series, you should count on a huge number of brutal skirmishes with many enemies, where you can use any weapon from a fairly extensive arsenal.

More about the game

The main characters in the project are former soldiers who were dismissed from the regular forces as unnecessary. Now they are forced to huddle on the outskirts of the Cursed City and eke out the most miserable existence. It is not easy to survive here, let alone earn a living, which means retired officers will have to do their favorite thing. They become bounty hunters, getting good money for it. Such a profession is fraught with great danger, so few of the hunters are able to return home after the next raid. In addition, treasures and artifacts that can be sold on the black market are hidden in this city. Brave heroes must complete various missions, collect the necessary resources and improve their weapons in order to survive a collision with monstrous monsters.


You have to take on the role of one of the four proposed characters, each of which has its own skills. In the process of passing you are given the opportunity to improve abilities depending on the main skill of your character. You can act alone or go through the main campaign together with friends thanks to the well-implemented multiplayer mode. Do your best to survive in the current conditions, and feel free to rush into battle against huge monsters. By defeating monsters, you will increase your rating and develop a character, thereby increasing the chances of overall success in the mission.

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