Conan Unconquered – Deluxe Edition

System requirements Conan Unconquered – Deluxe Edition:

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Core i3 (dual core) @ 3Ghz + or equivalent
Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 620 or DX11 graphics card w / minimum 1GB dedicated RAM
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
9 GB free hard disk space



Conan Unconquered – Deluxe Edition

Conan Unconquered – Deluxe Edition is a new computer toy developed by Petroglyph. The game is in development and according to preliminary data will be released in 2019. The project is an exciting real-time strategy in the Conan-Barbara universe. In the course of the passage the player will have to build his huge and powerful fortress, gather an army of brave men and destroy all enemies. In fact, the gameplay is not in the usual format for strategies. Here you will not just build a fortress, you also need to protect it from the hordes of enemies who will attack your buildings. If you like this type of strategy, then wait until the game is released, and then download the Conan Unconquered torrent from our site.


The game has no plot as such. All events unfold in a fictional universe, where the player will build his own fortress, equip it, create an invincible army, and then destroy all enemies. The essence of what is happening is to properly allocate all the resources and to withstand all the waves of enemies who will try to destroy the player’s stronghold. Enemies will attack in waves. And each subsequent wave will be stronger than the previous one. After successfully passing the wave, the player will receive some resources that need to be properly distributed among all areas of the base. Along the way, you will have to learn technologies, build defenses, and create warriors.


The toy is a real-time strategy where players need to build a base, strengthen it, and withstand all enemy waves. The point here is to build a base and protect it from the attack of enemies. Opponents will attack in waves. Each subsequent wave will be stronger than the previous one. To survive, it is necessary to constantly develop and strengthen the base, as well as create warriors.


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