Company of Heroes 3


System requirements Company of Heroes 3

Operating system: Windows 10 64Bit.
Processor: Intel i5 4 core processor, 8th Generation.
RAM: 8 GB.
HDD: 4 GB hard disk space
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or equivalent with 3072 MB of memory

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Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 is another part of the legendary tactical strategy and amazing action game, the events of which take place in World War II.

Hot battles in real time

Players will be transported back to the Cold War period, to the Mediterranean fronts, where they will take part in grandiose battles, not the territories of North Africa and Italy. You will act as a general and take control of the overall campaign, carefully planning your steps. If you are ready to take on such responsibilities and engage in an exciting battle with enemy soldiers, then you should download the game torrent on your pc.

Unique gameplay

Players will be able to take control of both air, sea and ground forces, organizing supply lines on the new dynamic map. The destruction of enemies will be carried out with the help of new combat units, significant factions and world combat units.

Main features of the game

Scrum training.
A rich arsenal of weapons.
Improved gameplay elements.
Added vehicle damage.
Dynamic single player campaign.
Turn-based unique gameplay.
More than 10 missions in real time.
We invite you to join the strongest combat teams to win this brutal war.

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