ColorSnapper 2 1.6.4

System requirements ColorSnapper 2 1.6.4

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

ColorSnapper 2 1.6.4

ColorSnapper 2 v.1.6.3 is a macOS color picker for designers and developers that makes it easy to collect, customize, arrange and export the colors of any pixel on the screen. Activated via a system hotkey that gives you a magnifying glass to easily select any pixel you want, even from retina displays. The resulting color is copied to the clipboard in the format of your choice.

More about the program

There is a new magnifying glass in the program – the original ColorSnapper 2 1.6.3 magnifying glass. It appeared in 2010 and has been used by all modern color picker apps ever since – it just got better! It works great with multiple displays, with different resolutions and pixel densities. You can switch between Spaces and Apps that have a magnifying glass on the screen using gestures and keyboard shortcuts.

New Hi-Precision Mode

Allows you to select every physical pixel on your retina screen, but also works great on displays with normal pixel density, increasing mouse sensitivity and zoom level.

Export to Adobe® Photoshop® & Illustrator® – Set the foreground and background colors in your favorite designer tool directly from ColorSnapper.

Magnifier Image Capture – The new magnifying glass can be used as a viewing tool. Pressing P will copy the enlarged image to the clipboard.

Favorites and history

Now with ColorSnapper 2 1.6.3 you can arrange, customize and export colors without leaving the application. Add the colors you regularly select to your favorites, or go back in time to hundreds of colors.

Customize Colors – The new UI integrates seamlessly with Apple’s color bar so you can customize colors before exporting them.

Quick Format Filter – Just start typing to quickly search over 30 export formats.

Key features

Auto Convert Color Profile – Converts colors selected from native macOS apps including Safari and Xcode from monitor color profile to sRGB. This means you will end up with the same RGB values ​​as in your code.

Code style – Use flexible color value formatters to match your coding style. Along with all the new formats supported including CSS3, NSColor and UIColor, Swift, Android, Java, .NET and many more, this translates into an even faster development process.

On this page you can download ColorSnapper 2 1.6.3 for Mac OS for free via torrent.



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