Colin McRae DiRT

System requirements Colin McRae DiRT:

Operating System »Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Processor »Pentium 3 – 1.0 GHz or Athlon Duron 1000
RAM »512 MB (Windows XP) / 2 GB (Windows Vista / 7)
Hard disk space “9.2 GB
Video Card »nVidia GeForce 3 Ti / ATI Radeon 8xxx


Colin McRae DiRT

Any gamer who played racing, be sure to at least once, but wanted to download Colin McRae DiRT via torrent for free. The reason is that this game is one of the most realistic, spectacular and interesting rally simulators that have just been released. None of the existing projects of this genre can boast of the presence of precisely that “golden mean”, which is so lacking in many games and which exists in the presented game.

More about the game

The success of the simulator is due not only to the magnificent graphics, but also to a fairly simple and understandable gameplay, as well as a unique rally atmosphere, which includes real-life car models, the struggle for every second and very difficult tracks with many unpredictable sections. If you like these games, then you just need to download the Colin McRae DiRT torrent on our website.

Game process

Colin McRae DiRT racing simulator was the first in a series of Colin McRae arcade simulators created in honor of the famous rally driver from Scotland Colin McRae. Moreover – McRae personally took part in the development of the game and delved into many moments, especially those related to the behavior of cars on the track, various tricks and much more than others. By the way, in Russian localization, publishers also resorted to the help of professional racers – Alexander Rusov and Alexei Zheludov.

Game features

Let’s move on to the Colin McRae DiRT game itself and what awaits you in it. So, there are nine different game modes waiting for you, among which are both classic rally races and a completely insane offroad. You are given a choice of about fifty cars, each of which, in its behavior, handling and technical characteristics, fully corresponds to its real prototype and is licensed by the manufacturer. Moreover – each of these cars participated in rally championships, so there will be no random models here. Separately, it must be said about physics. It is just perfect – this applies to both road behavior and handling, as well as damage to the car, as well as its movement. There are a scanty number of games with similar graphics and animation quality, they can be counted on the fingers, especially if you take into account that realism applies not only to cars, but also to tracks.

As for management, on the contrary, everything is simple – you don’t need to be a genius to learn how to ride well in 10 minutes. So it remains only to download Colin McRae DiRT via torrent for free and enjoy the races.

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