Clans to Kingdoms

System requirements Clans to Kingdoms:

OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: Intel Pentium 2.0GHz or equivalent
Video Card: DirectX 10.1 (1GB VRAM)
DirectX: Version 10
Disk Space: 2 GB


Clans to Kingdoms

Would you like to rule the state? I think that each of us at least once thought about such a perspective. Can you cope with such a difficult task if the fate of the whole state rests on your shoulders? To answer this question, we suggest you download the Clans to Kingdoms torrent. This is a simulator in which you can create your own state. You will have to start from the smallest: you will have only one village. From it you will need to create a huge metropolis. But the process of becoming will be very difficult and unpredictable. So rather, visit our website and download the game to begin the process of becoming a new state. A worthy ruler must be a wise and good manager. You must constantly come up with a development strategy, make the necessary decisions. It is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

The best of the best

To become a worthy ruler who will be held in high esteem by his people, it is necessary to create good conditions for the life of his subjects. You will have to manage the extraction of resources, which will bring not only profit and profit to the budget, but also make it possible to implement many ideas. The traits of a good ruler are the constant protection of the borders of their possessions from the encroachments of others. And you will have many competitors. Now the power is in your hands and the fate of the entire state depends only on your decisions. You need to effectively manage available resources in order to reach the desired level. The game itself flows in real time, and at the same time it completely lies in strategies and tactical constructions.

And of course, who does not want to be better than everyone else, to show how your kingdom is better and more worthy of the rest. The game has ratings that will be constantly updated. You need to learn the art of planning and constantly strive for great heights. Remember that all resources belong to you, and the standard of living of your citizens depends on their quantity. You should not be weak in any case, it will make you vulnerable to competitors who are just waiting for this. Also your people can take advantage of this. Your task is to show courage and confidence. Good luck in this difficult matter!

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