Clam Man 2: Headliner


System requirements Clam Man 2: Headliner:

OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
Processor: 2 ghz
RAM: 4 GB of RAM


Clam Man 2: Headliner

Clam Man 2: Headliner is a comedy role-playing game in which sharp jokes turn into prey and stand-up shows turn into brutal boss battles. The developers of the project invite everyone to go on an exciting, narrative adventure. The game takes place in a fantasy world. You will play as the Clam Man, who is trying to find his place in life.

More about the game

Another feature of the game has become numerous dialogues in which you can choose different answers, building a conversation according to an interesting scenario for you. Remember to play with jokes. Therefore, the creators of the game invite you to participate in various quests, carry out assignments and tasks that will allow you to develop material for humorous shows.

Your main task is to develop the abilities of the hero. This requires attention to four different characteristics:

Aquadynamics – this characteristic is responsible for the ability to act out pantomimes, comedies and absurd scenarios, while remaining unperturbed

Improvisation – this character trait of your hero is responsible for the ability to quickly navigate a situation. Instantly come up with funny answers, generate new ideas;

Detection – the ability to perceive and analyze information from the surrounding world;

Self-awareness – a high level of self-awareness will allow your hero to notice all the imperfections of reality, subtly ironic about this. With a low level of self-awareness of the hero, jokes turn out to be rude, which is why he gives the impression of a person with a bad sense of humor.

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