City Eye

System requirements City Eye

Operating System: Windows 7
CPU: i3
Video Card: GeForce GTX 950
Also: Keyboard, mouse


City Eye

Speaking of integrated observation systems, this phenomenon has long been a familiar thing. Many large cities have been using this technology for a long time, and today you will get the opportunity to take control of such a City Eye system. Thus, you can track all the movements of citizens and guests. In fact, it is very difficult, because you do not just watch what is happening, you control the order in the city. Every day a variety of crimes, accidents, disasters and much more. All this will be displayed on the monitor and, if possible, you can avoid such negative events. For emergency situations, you can quickly seek help from special services. You need to rationally evaluate what is happening in order to select the right service to call at the scene.

More about the game

Before you begin your active actions, you need to download the City Eye torrent from the specified link. The gameplay is made in the usual mode in the first-person format. You will be engaged in constant monitoring of situations on the streets of the city, monitor all suspicious subjects and generally the behavior of people. As soon as you notice someone suspicious or someone doing something unusual, you need to quickly assess the situation and call for help. If you see a criminal, then immediately contact the police so that they manage to organize an interception plan. In case of health problems you need to respond by calling an ambulance.

Unexpected Finale

Remember one thing, the further you advance in the game, the more surprises can happen. Therefore, if you are ready to play, then you must first download the City Eye torrent on our game portal. Starting this adventure, you immediately take full responsibility for what is happening in the city. For example, a typical accident with a drunk driver can turn into a real disaster. Therefore, all problems will need to be eliminated as quickly as possible and try not to be mistaken in their decisions.

All-seeing eye

Game simulator City Eye will present you with completely non-standard content and with it you can perfectly pass the time. You may not have seen anything like this before, but now you have a chance to catch up. To get started, learn all the functions and begin to be active. You will need to show maximum care and the ability to quickly assess the situation. We can only wish you a good time and success!

Game features

high-quality modern graphic design;
a chance to establish order in the city;
You will be perceived as one of the heroes of the city;
many cameras for surveillance;
an unexpected ending to the story.

On this page you can download the game City Eye via torrent free on PC.



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