Circle Empires Rivals Forces of Nature

System requirements Circle Empires Rivals Forces of Nature:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: 3GHz dual core or 2GHz quad core
Video Card: 1GB VRAM
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 3 GB



Circle Empires Rivals Forces of Nature

The famous real-time strategy has finally been continued in multiplayer mode. The game Circle Empires Rivals Forces of Nature already has more than 300 thousand fans around the world! Each session is surprising due to the incredible pace of the game. The map is generated automatically and can simultaneously collect several hundred players. In order to defeat the enemy and take possession of his resources, it is necessary to apply new strategy skills, to develop cunning tactical maneuvers.

More about the game

Enjoy the game on your own or cheer friends for fun too. Circle Empires Rivals developers can download the torrent for free here, The Luminous Team is very happy at home that their offspring from the free demo version quickly gained popularity and turned into a full-fledged single and then multiplayer game.

Game features

– Multiplayer strategy with a dynamic battle system;
– Several modes of joint game, including cooperative;
– rapid increase in levels and experience;
– A unique map with round platforms on which unique enemies and loot are generated;
– the ability to expand the boundaries of the map, adding new circles to it;
– automatic creation of worlds, each of which has its own flora and fauna, enemies;
– you will find more than 250 types of units, as well as structures, resources, amplifiers, etc .;
– There are more than 25 faction leaders;
– In total for the game you can destroy 40 different and scary bosses;
– the ability to customize the complexity to fit your capabilities.

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